Diversity Task Force

Formed at the suggestion of the Dallas Hispanic Bar Association, the Task Force comprises representatives from the Dallas Asian American Bar Association, the Dallas Hispanic Bar Association, the J.L. Turner Legal Association (the African-American bar association of Dallas County), Dallas Gay and Lesbian Bar Association, and Dallas Women Lawyers Association. 

Working collaboratively, representatives from each organization contribute different perspectives and resources to achieve the Task Force’s goal of increasing the recruitment, retention, and promotion of minority attorneys in Dallas.

The Task Force has always recognized the importance of evaluating the progress of minority groups and began including data regarding women and LGBT attorneys in 2014. 

These recent changes to the Report reflect the Task Force’s commitment to employing a holistic approach to diversity that emphasizes mutuality and inclusion.  The Task Force hopes that this expansion will be a significant step toward creating a more comprehensive analysis of diversity within the large law firms in Dallas County.

Below are the complete reports for each year.

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