A Message from the 2023 DHBA President, Carla Green

DHBA Familia,

We are officially off to a new year and I am truly honored to be serving as President of the DHBA in 2023!

I want to start by saying that I know I have some big shoes to fill following Elsa Manzanares, our 2022 fearless, hard-working President. Elsa’s dedication to the DHBA has been an inspiration and I hope to carry on and grow the already wonderful momentum, initiatives, and support Elsa was able to garner for the DHBA this past year. I am thankful Elsa will continue to serve on our Board as Immediate-Past President and we look forward to working with her. I also want to acknowledge and give many thanks to some of our outgoing Board members that have given their service and (for some) several years of their time—many thanks to Jake Torres, Tyrone Valdivia, Fabiola Segovia, and Javier Perez. I want our members to know that the DHBA would not be the organization that it is without you. Without your support, your time, and yes, even your donations—the DHBA would not be able to accomplish the wonderful work that it does. We are grateful for each of you and encourage you to participate, become involved, and socialize with your familia. The DHBA is only growing, getting stronger—we’re excited that we’ve seen substantial increases in our membership numbers, we’ve raised record-setting donations for our incredible initiatives, including for the DHBA’s pipeline initiative, the Dallas Latina Leadership Program, and our Judicial Externship Program.

Throughout my years of service on the DHBA Board, I’ve had the honor of meeting and having long discussions with our DHBA members. In those discussions, I often hear about how the DHBA has impacted our members, many times in different ways. For some, the DHBA has been an organization that has introduced them to other attorneys with similar backgrounds that have resulted in long-lasting, inspiring friendships/mentorships. For others, the DHBA is an organization that has rallied behind causes and initiatives that inspired our members to participate and become more involved in our Dallas-Hispanic community.

For me, the DHBA has always felt like home, like family. My first introduction to the DHBA was in law school when I attended Texas A&M University of Law. I was a single mother, juggling raising an 8-year-old son, trying to get through my law school courses, and keeping up a comfortable household for the both of us. Scholarships were game-changers. The DHBA awarded me one of my first scholarships in law school—and to this day—I remember how excited I was to receive those funds. It was a relief. I needed and the DHBA responded. That’s familia. After graduating and moving to Dallas, the DHBA became an organization of support and comfort. I’ve met so many life-long friends/colleagues through this organization that I consider familia.

It is truly inspirational to hear (and experience) how the DHBA has impacted our members’ law practice and lives. We want to continue to do so. So, join us! Come celebrate with us! We are excited about this upcoming year and look forward to working with our members to reach our goals and continue our mission.

Carla Green 

2023 DHBA President

DHBA statement regarding DACA announcement

Tuesday, September 05, 2017 3:00 PM | Matthew Phillips



September 5, 2017

Contact: Isaac Faz

Dallas, TX – Today President Trump ordered the elimination of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (“DACA”) and called on Congress to replace the policy with legislation before it expires on March 5, 2018. These are steps in the wrong direction.

The Dallas Hispanic Bar Association (“DHBA”) stands in support of DACA, a policy that has given recipients, who were brought by their parents at a very young age to our great country, work permits, opportunities to seek higher education, and a shield from deportation.

“DACA has provided a sense of security, allowing students to continue their education that in turn provides them the opportunity to obtain a good job,” stated DHBA President Angelina LaPenotiere. “DACA recipients pay taxes, contribute significant revenue to our local and state economy, all while being ineligible for legal permanent resident status or federal benefits.”

“The overwhelming number of DACA recipients in Dallas and across the state call Texas home,” stated DHBA President Elect Isaac Faz. “This is the only place they know, the only national anthem they sing, and the only pledge they take.”

The fate of approximately 800,000 “Dreamers” deserves more than a temporary hiatus during uncertain Congressional deliberations. We, along with businesses across the country, support DACA and will continue to monitor changes to the program.

DHBA asks Congress to act quickly with compassion and clarity, and asks our President to reconsider his decision. Additionally, the DHBA asks the State of Texas Attorney General to cease any legal proceedings against the United States regarding DACA.


The Dallas Hispanic Bar Association (DHBA) is the leading Hispanic attorney association in North Texas committed to providing a forum through which Hispanic attorneys can come together to exchange ideas and to pursue common goals. DHBA promotes the social, economic, educational, and civic advancement of the Dallas-Ft. Worth area Hispanic community by making the legal system more accessible to the Hispanic community and more responsive to its needs.

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