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    September 5, 2017

    Contact: Isaac Faz

    Dallas, TX – Today President Trump ordered the elimination of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (“DACA”) and called on Congress to replace the policy with legislation before it expires on March 5, 2018. These are steps in the wrong direction.

    The Dallas Hispanic Bar Association (“DHBA”) stands in support of DACA, a policy that has given recipients, who were brought by their parents at a very young age to our great country, work permits, opportunities to seek higher education, and a shield from deportation.

    “DACA has provided a sense of security, allowing students to continue their education that in turn provides them the opportunity to obtain a good job,” stated DHBA President Angelina LaPenotiere. “DACA recipients pay taxes, contribute significant revenue to our local and state economy, all while being ineligible for legal permanent resident status or federal benefits.”

    “The overwhelming number of DACA recipients in Dallas and across the state call Texas home,” stated DHBA President Elect Isaac Faz. “This is the only place they know, the only national anthem they sing, and the only pledge they take.”

    The fate of approximately 800,000 “Dreamers” deserves more than a temporary hiatus during uncertain Congressional deliberations. We, along with businesses across the country, support DACA and will continue to monitor changes to the program.

    DHBA asks Congress to act quickly with compassion and clarity, and asks our President to reconsider his decision. Additionally, the DHBA asks the State of Texas Attorney General to cease any legal proceedings against the United States regarding DACA.


    The Dallas Hispanic Bar Association (DHBA) is the leading Hispanic attorney association in North Texas committed to providing a forum through which Hispanic attorneys can come together to exchange ideas and to pursue common goals. DHBA promotes the social, economic, educational, and civic advancement of the Dallas-Ft. Worth area Hispanic community by making the legal system more accessible to the Hispanic community and more responsive to its needs.

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    You may now purchase tickets and sponsorships for the Annual Event online through the event page.

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    The DHBA has joined the Dallas Bar Association and our Sister Bar Associations condemning the hatred acts in Charlottesville. Our statement can be found here.

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    Do you know a corporate counsel who has advanced diversity within the legal profession? Nominate him or her for the DHBA’s Corporate Counsel Diversity Award! The Award honors the outstanding achievements of individuals and organizations in improving diversity within the legal profession, and will be presented at the DHBA’s Annual Event – Noche de Luz, on Saturday, October 28, 2017. Nominations should include the name of the individual or organization and a description of his/her/its efforts and accomplishments in improving diversity within the legal profession, as well as additional relevant information as set forth in the Call for Nominations (PDF).

    Nominations will be accepted through September 5, 2017, and should be sent to Please include “Corporate Counsel Award” in the email subject line.

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    Sponsorship information for the Annual Event is now available.

    Sponsorship Levels (PDF)

    Sponsorship Confirmation Form (PDF)
    Sponsorship Confirmation Form (DOCX)

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    Join the Dallas Hispanic Bar Association for its annual event, Noche de Luz, on Saturday, October 28, 2017.

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    JL Turner Legal Association, DFW Muslim Bar Association (DFW-MBA), Dallas Asian American Bar Association (DAABA) and Dallas Hispanic Bar Association (DHBA), And South Asian Bar Association (SABA) Joint Press Release


    Several Dallas Area Bar Associations Express Deep Concern Regarding President Trump’s Executive Order Severely Restricting Entry From Seven Muslim Majority Nations

    (DALLAS TX, 2/2/17) Several Dallas lawyers’ groups joined together to express serious concern regarding President Trump’s recent executive order, issued on the premise of protecting Americans from terrorist attacks on American soil. The order severely restricts entry from seven Muslim majority countries, bars Syrian refugees indefinitely, and suspends all refugee admissions for 120 days.

    To date, four United States District Courts have issued stays of the executive order. The first, issued by US District Judge Ann Donnelly, prevented the removal from the United States of those with approved refugee applications, valid visas, and “other individuals... legally authorized to enter the United States.”

    JL Turner Legal Association President Tramaine Tinner: “We believe Judge Donnelly was absolutely correct in ruling that there was a risk of “substantial and irreparable injury” to the individuals affected, particularly to those who would have been returned to nations where their lives were endangered. We have seen from hundreds of thousands of protesters across the nation, and in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, that Americans are concerned about the impact such an executive order may have on our security and our country’s noble ideals.”

    Hundreds of travelers, including some U.S. citizens, who were detained in airports throughout the United States are being released following the federal rulings and under pressure by civil rights groups.

    At least nine individuals were detained at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport.  Accurate numbers are not available, as government officials have declined to identify the names of the individuals being detained. Among those released was a mother from Sudan who is a legal permanent resident, who was separated from her 11-month-old U.S. born baby. According to news reports, her child, who is still breastfeeding, was denied access to her mother for hours while attorneys worked diligently to prevent her from being deported.

    We are thankful and proud of our lawyers who volunteered their services here at DFW Airport this past week” said Asad Rahman, Vice President of the DFW Muslim Bar Association. “They have played a part in helping reunite those family members being detained by immigration officials – and we were proud to join thousands of ordinary Texans who refused to leave until every one of them were released.”

    While the stories of these detained people vary, the Boards of the four Dallas-area bar associations are committed to the rule of law and the fair and equitable treatment of all individuals regardless of race, national origin, creed or religion. Actions that discriminatorily impact and target certain members of our community should be treated with suspicion and carefully scrutinized to ensure they comport with the law. Our bar associations remain united in ensuring these ideals.


    CONTACT: For further information please contact Asad Rahman at 214-384-6410 or email him at

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    The Dallas Hispanic Bar Association was mentioned in yesterday's Dallas Morning News editorial thanking members of the community for their participation at DFW International Airport over the weekend.

    Thank you to all the volunteers and attorneys who coordinated and gave their time to assist those in need of legal representation.

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    As a result of the implementation of the January 27, 2017 Executive Order titled “Protecting The Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into The United States” (the “Executive Order”), an unknown number of individuals returning from or otherwise entering the United States from majority-Muslim nations have been detained at major U.S. airports, including the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. The number and circumstances of individuals affected has been difficult to establish, as reports indicate that the Executive Order has been implemented in a manner that permits individuals to be detained without an opportunity to confer with legal counsel. It has been reported, however, that many of these individuals have green cards or otherwise lawful bases to enter or return to the United States. Refugees seeking asylum in the United States are likewise prevented from entering and risk being sent back to the dire circumstances from which they are seeking to escape.

    The Dallas Hispanic Bar Association (DHBA) finds this Executive Order to cause serious legal and humanitarian concerns, not the least of which is the improper detainment, exclusion, and potential deportation—without due process—of individuals who are singled out on the basis of their national origin and faith. As members of a group that actively seeks to counter the effects of discrimination, stereotyping, and disenfranchisement, it is imperative that we unite against such acts when directed at anyone.

    Accordingly, the DHBA opposes the Executive Order. In the midst of the drafting of this Statement, federal judges have entered orders staying the removal of individuals affected by the Executive Order and allowing some access to legal counsel, among other things, although the ultimate disposition of these matters is still left unresolved.

    The DHBA is committed to promoting a legal system that upholds justice and is accessible to individuals affected by potentially discriminatory actions. The DHBA has joined the efforts of those in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex seeking to provide legal counsel to those affected by this Executive Order, and continues to work with elected officials and community organizations to recruit volunteer attorneys to provide basic civil legal counsel to the affected individuals. The DHBA will continue to pursue and participate in additional measures to ensure the legal rights of those affected are protected.

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    The Dallas Hispanic Bar Association was featured in the recent issue of Attorney At Law's Association Profile. You can read about the highlights of 2016 in the interview with the DHBA's 2016 President Rocío Cristina Garcia by clicking here.

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